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Like Something From A Film

Popularity is directly proportional to fangirling.
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Does checking out the 20 year old lead singer of Arctic Monkeys makes you feel like a dirty old woman? Well, here you go.

+Be nice/respectful.
+No fanfiction, or promotion thereof.
+If posting multiple or large images, please use an LJ-cut or thumbnails provided by Imageshack or Supload. Also, please be nice to other peoples' bandwidths--accounts on Photobucket are free, as with the other image hosts listed.
+Feel free to post your icons, graphics, etc. No more than three teasers outside a cut, please.
+Netspeak should be kept to a minimum. Yes, the occasional "OMGWTFLOL" is sometimes necessary, but please try to type properly.
+Text-only intro posts clog up friends lists.
+Community promos will be removed at moderator's discretion if deemed to be non-relevant.
+Attempts at translating a Northern accent and the colloquialisms associated with a Northern accent into a written form that are are deemed to lack sufficient natural and/or comedic value will be removed. It were reight annoying, like.
+Try to keep your hormones in check. "I'd give him one" is relatively tasteful, but save the details for your personal journal or musicsecret. Or write a romance novel or something. The letters section of the 1 April 2006 NME provided an excellent example of the type of thing that shouldn't be posted:
"Alex Turner is going to marry me. He just doesn't know it yet. And he may look a bit like Daniel Radcliffe, but that's fine. I'd shag 'em both. Maybe at the same time."
+Everyone wants to shag a rockstar. This includes his girlfriend. Don't be hating, he has a personal life.

Jamie Cook


Matt Helders

Nick O'Malley

Rock photography kings: andrewkendall, jameslooker, peter_hill.